It has become critical to process, analyze, and react to data immediately, without waiting for it to traverse a slow and complicated data pipeline before putting it to use. That reality has put increasing stress on the technology needed to connect and process data, in particular messaging and queuing solutions. Organizations evaluating technology to support these demands need tools and information to compare capabilities, performance, and scalability in order to ensure that they select the best platform for their current and future needs. 


"The needs and uses of data have evolved to a new level. In today’s climate, businesses must be able to ingest, analyze, and react to data immediately.... If a platform cannot perform at the scale your enterprise needs, it really does not matter if it meets all your other checkbox criteria."

William McKnight and Jake Dolezal, Gigaom


This new report from industry analyst firm Gigaom, "Benchmarking Enterprise Streaming Data and Message Queuing Platforms," gives you a valuable guide to your technology options and how to compare them. In your free copy of the report, courtesy of Streamlio, you'll learn:

  • What's driving evolution in streaming messaging and queuing technology
  • The key technologies and vendors in streaming messaging and queuing
  • How the OpenMessaging benchmark can help you evaluate performance
  • The results of a comparative benchmark of Apache Kafka and Apache Pulsar

You'll leave armed with key information to understand and evaluate leading technology solutions for streaming messaging and queuing.


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