Handling fast-moving and streaming data   

How do you evaluate the technology options?

It has become critical to process, analyze and act on data as it arrives rather than waiting for the delay of the next batch processing window.  With the wide array of technologies that claim to be able to help, how do you understand the landscape and where each technology fits?

Bloor is an independent research and analyst house that for nearly 30 years has helped businesses understand the potential offered by technology and choose the optimal solutions for their needs. Bloor has watched the development of streaming analytics platforms, and recently took a closer look at Streamlio and the technologies on which the Streamlio platform is built. Their findings are summarized in this InBrief. Their bottom line:

Streamlio offers an ... option that strives to make it easy to develop a robust, extensible processing solution within a single environment. Moreover, the platform is well-suited to a variety of use cases, including just-in-time transformation, real-time analytics, monitoring and alerting, and Internet of Things applications.

Read the complete report for Bloor's summary of the  technology, capabilities and impact of Streamlio and the open source technologies powering Streamlio's solution. 

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