The transition from monolithic applications to microservices architectures has been driven by the need for flexibility, agility, and scalability. Data is the glue needed to connect microservices, making it critical to deploy fast, scalable solutions to connect these microservices with the data they process and create. 

Join Dr. Karthik Ramasamy of Streamlio as he draws on his experience building data products at companies including Pivotal, Twitter, and Streamlio to discuss technology and best practices to design and implement data-driven microservices.

In this 30-minute webcast you'll learn:

  • The key principles of microservices and microservice architecture
  • The implications of microservices for data
  • The role of messaging and processing technology in connecting microservices

Karthik will also introduce how Apache Pulsar can help you deliver on the requirements for connecting microservices applications.

You'll leave armed with key information to make your transition successful.

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