Surveying and evaluating the technology landscape

Streaming and real-time data has high business value, but if the value of the data is not realized in a certain window of time, its value is lost and the decision or action that was needed as a result never occurs. Streaming data – whether from sensors, devices, applications, or events – needs special attention because a sudden price change, a critical threshold met, a sensor reading changing rapidly, or a blip in a log file can all be of immense value, but only if the alert is in time.

This webinar, brought to you by Gigaom and Streamlio, discusses the evolving options for streaming data and message queueing technologies. It also introduces the OpenMessaging benchmark for evaluating performance, including benchmark comparison between two of the technologies profiled: Apache Kafka and Apache Pulsar. You'll learn about:

  • The Evolution of Queuing, Messaging, and Streaming
  • Today’s Technology Landscape
  • Assessing Performance: The OpenMessaging Benchmark
  • Considerations for Your Evaluation



William McKnight

Analyst, Gigaom Research


Jon Bock

VP of Marketing



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